PaddleWar Pickleball Rating System

The PaddleWar Rating (PWR) is the rating used for all PaddleWar league play.  PWR is based on years of experience with Elo, Glicko/Glicko2, and USTA NTRP to bring an accurate and fair rating to pickleball league play.

A PWR is calculated for all three disciplines, doubles, mixed doubles, and singles. As a result, a player will have different ratings for each and may be at various levels for all three.

The PWR is a dynamic system with two key components: a year-end level published in December of each year and a Dynamic PWA calculated every night.  This Real-time calculation allows players to track their rating and progress through the PWA website.

A player’s PWR is used to identify the level a player may play at league play.  When registering for a new league, a player will use their most recent year-end level to register.  However, suppose a player has dramatically improved since their last year-end level was published. In that case, they may be promoted and required to register at a higher level.

The PWR has a scale from 2.5-5.5, with beginners and new players being at the lower end of the range and accomplished players and professionals at the higher end.

For new players joining PaddleWar, the initial rating is determined through a self-rating process. They are required to answer a questionnaire and provide relevant information or existing ratings from other tennis or pickleball ratings.  This information is used to assign an initial self-rate level, which identifies the minimum level the player will start playing at.  As they participate in matches, their play will establish a Dynamic PWR, and they will receive a PWR level at year-end.