PaddleWar Leagues and Format

League Format

  • Teams will comprise a minimum of 8 and a 
maximum of 12 players.
  • Teams will need to find and declare their home courts.  
They will be responsible for making any court fees to the 
  • Each team will participate in 7-9 matches scheduled over 
a span of 7-10 weeks of local play, with match days 
determined by the LLC.
  • A minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 7 players will 
be required for each match, with one player permitted as a 
substitute.  For Mixed and Combo leagues, a maximum of 8 players (one of each gender for mixed, and one of each rating in combo) will be allowed for each match.
  • Lineups for each round must be submitted prior to the 
start of the round. Players have the flexibility to adjust line 
assignments, change partners, or substitute players from 
the reserve list.
  • Each match will consist of 3 rounds featuring 3 court 
lines, with an expected duration of approximately one and a
half to two hours per match. Please refer to the scoring PDF 
below for an example.
  • All scoring will follow rally scoring rules, with matches 
being decided by the best of three games to 15 points, with
a third game played to 10 points if necessary.